The Forum helps promote the city and wider district, provides networking opportunities to relevant people, and seeks to facilitate support or solutions to improve the property sector in Bradford.

Q: Why a Forum?

A: To improve the quality of developments in the city.
To provide networking opportunities.
To resolve property-related issues in the District.
To raise the profile of local property opportunities.

Q: How is it organised?

A: A steering group of representative business people and others (Council, higher education, housing sector) meet regularly to keep abreast of developments.

Q: What are the benefits of membership?

A: To have your voice heard and listened to by people of influence.
To network.
To understand the system.
To know who to talk to

Q: How do I join?

A:  Attendance is open to relevant organisations either through Chamber of Commerce membership or on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

Q: How do I get involved?

A: Let us know your interests and if you have time to sit on the sub committees.

Q: How wide is the membership?

A: Open to those interested in doing property-related business in Bradford.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Call the Chamber membership team to discuss this.

Q: Who can it influence and how?

A: The Property Forum has the backing of Bradford Council, the local Chamber of Commerce and more than 100 local businesses. You will be in touch with the people who lead the city’s regeneration.

Q: How often do members meet?

A: Quarterly to hear from speakers on relevant subjects.

Q: Will there be sub-committees to look at specific issues?

A: Working parties occasionally research issues and suggest solutions.

Q: What could those issues include?

A: 1. Transport problems or congestion, e.g. HS3, airport road access
2. Regeneration, e.g. city centre, Odeon, Forster Court
3. The planning process
4. Housing need
5. Employment land allocations
6. Flood risk / resilience